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Indie Designers Needed!

Are you an indie designer? Do you make Cool Kids Stuffs? Want to Get The Word Out about your product? This is a wonderful way to make the day of our Indie Readers! Become a Freebies Sponsor!

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Every Indie Babies reader that subscribes to our newsletter is entered to win a Swanky Gift Bag full of Freebies. Freebies GiveAways will be held know.. Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter. To become a sponsor, all you have to do is send us some of your Cool Stuffs! It's that simple. You can also send in your business card or any other promotional materials to go along with your Stuffs. We will also need some product pictures so we can do our Shout Outs on the site!

What's in it for you? Good Question! Besides getting your Fab Stuffs into the hands of Smart, Savvy, Indie Lovin' Folks, you will also receive the following from us::

::Free advertising on our Freebies GiveAway page promoting you as a Sponsor!::

::Free Sponsor Spotlight feature write-up on Indie Babies!::

::Free advertising in our monthly newsletter!::

You liking the sound of this? All you have to do is shoot us an email with "Yes! Freebies Sponsor!" in the subject, give us some more info about you and your Stuffs, then mail us your Freebies! When you email us to sign up, we will send you a confirmation email with all pertinent mailing information. And, just like that, your advertising with Indie Babies!

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